Monday, August 24, 2009

this is the sign i painted and put by our new entry gate area. the neighborhood is occasionally frequented by looters as we are in a remote area, and this is intended to cause them to pause, along with the large german shepards.


  1. Seems to be an ideal remedy. And perhaps someone who had questionable intentions might
    think twice.....!!! (and the dog probably adds to the decision-making!!!) Love it!

  2. This is great! Love the sign. Hope you both are doing well. I can see that you've been extemely busy. My small garden (after digging up tomato plants and replanting 3x) were finally overtaken by spider mites. My herbs did thrive, but luckily I have a father in law that has shared his bounty with us! He is a great gardener. I do hope everything is great in the area. We miss the mountians terribly. Doug still says that is where we will retire! But until then, work is work! For the most part going well. I plan to make it to SC in early Dec. Doug won't make this trip. And then from there, who knows. I love your posts. It reminds us of what waits in NC. Take care.