Sunday, December 20, 2009

this was the view out the window yesterday morn. it may have been about fifteen inches but with all of the north east winds involved in bringing it to us, there was much in the way of drifting so who knows.
today the roads are still impassable including main paved roads in the area. i ain't seen this much snow since i left WVA and even then it was january of 96 when we had this much there.

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  1. Awesome picture! Where I live everything shuts down if we get an inch or more of snow.We rarely get more than 3 or 4 inches,ever.

    The most snow I've ever seen in my life here in AL was 22" in The Great Blizzard of '93 and I could do without ever seeing that much again. LOL!

    Seriously,I know a lot of people are really in trouble from all the snow and bitter cold. I wish everyone in the Upper South and Northeast that has been affected by this blizzard a safe and warm Christmas and a Happy New Year.