Friday, April 9, 2010

Here it is gardening season again. I’ve been so bogged down with the weather that I’ve not been able to do anything other than look out the window and see nothing but snow. Finally I have dirt to stick my fingers in, plants and seeds that I can plant; life feels like its worth living again.
Thanks to craig the blog hasn’t gone to pot. I’m sorry I just haven’t had anything to say but now that its spring I feel renewed. Here is what I’ve been doing this past month. We’ve planted three rows of yellow potatoes; yellow fin and butterball. Craig seems to think they are best. I’ve planted spinach, lettuce, radishes, carrots, rutabagas, peas, and a row of Jerusalem artichokes. I’ve read that the artichokes taste like water chestnuts. We shall see. We have tomato seedlings in the greenhouse and the strawberries I built the frame for last year are blooming. Everything seems to be coming together for a good gardening season. Oh yes, craig is in the process of building a chicken coop and run. We plan on having orpingtons which is a lesser known type of chicken. There’s nothing better than fresh yard eggs. Craig will send photos of the project as it progresses. My schedule is starting to get full. I go back to work at mid-town market and gardening center next week. I will do what I can to keep you up to date as to what is happening in the garden and at the garden center. Hope to see you there. Happy gardening.

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