Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer is finally here or so it seems. The temperature here on the mountain has been ninety degrees or more most of the week. The tomatoes and peppers are loving it. Lane says she noticed some tomatoes the size of a tennis ball this morning. The peppers are blooming but no sign of any peppers yet.

Lane speaks of having gathered more squash and cucumbers this morning. Everything looks good even though we haven’t had any rain for a few days and we are starting to need some. Dog days starts July third. The old saying is that if dog days starts out wet then it will be wet all thru dog days but if it starts out dry then it will be dry all thru dog days. Lane tells me she sure hopes it rains on Friday. Lane pulled another row of garlic last week and had some nice cloves. She plans on pulling the rest of the garlic this week. The garlic needs to dry for four to six weeks and then cut the tops off and put it in onion sacks. Then we hang them in a cool place like the root cellar. Hope it’s not the strong garlic but lane says she guesses we will have to wait and see. Toodlooo.

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