Monday, July 6, 2009

July has been an unusual month with below normal temperature, little rain, gorgeous sun and low humidity; Lane says she loves it and so does the garden. All of the vegetables are happy. We have had some good rain the past few days; around one inch total so far. Lane went to Wilkesboro today to get some organic plant food for the corn and tomatoes because it looked like it was going to rain which would be a good time to feed. Lane will have green beans by the end of the week. They are a snap bush bean with a small brown bean inside. Lane grew these last year and they were great. The taste was nutty which she likes and they cook faster than half runner beans. Lane has a new bean which is in her garden growing a new friend gave her the seed for. Someone gave her family these beans forty or so years ago. She calls them turkey craw beans because according to the story lane heard a man killed a wild turkey and cut open its craw where he found these beans. She says they are delicious. Lane can’t wait to try them. Here is a photo lane took of them running up a trellis lane built and wrote about a few posts back. The trellis is about six foot tall.

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