Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lane wants to share a short story with you involving her parents.

If lane’s momma was to find out that she was telling stories about her she’d swear lane was lying but lane promises this is the true, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her god.

It’s getting that time of year when lane’s daddy used to go coon hunting just to let the dogs run. Sometimes he went alone and sometimes he would take one of the young’uns along but lane’s momma is one of those jealous types. You know one of those “it’s all about me” kinds of women. She would get jealous when daddy would let one of the kids go so this time daddy decided to take momma instead.

On this particular night there was a full moon. Daddy said it would be easier to see where he was going so he didn’t take along the lantern. Well they set off about eight thirty and about twenty minutes later they came back. We all knew something had happened because they wouldn’t have come back that soon.

The kids asked daddy what was wrong and he couldn’t answer because he was laughing his head off and momma sure didn’t want to talk about it. Come to find out daddy said they got to about the old apple orchard when momma swore she heard a ‘painter (panther). Daddy told her it wasn’t anything but the wind. She said it sounded like a woman screaming so it had to be a ‘painter. She would not go any further.

Daddy said he told her to go home then if she was afraid but she wouldn’t go without him so he walked her back home and she never asked to go coon hunting ever again.

Ps; lane go her first Cherokee purple tomato today.

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