Friday, August 7, 2009

We had a massive thunder storm here Wednesday evening. High winds and strong rains gave us two inches of rain in thirty minutes and a lot of wind damage. It blew down most of lane’s one and only, first and last corn crop of the year. Seems like lane wasn’t meant to eat corn this season but to her wonderful surprise, today when she go to the post office, her friend Cathy had for lane a large grocery bag full of peaches and cream corn. Then when lane got out on the route, her friend Barry who happens to be the other mail carrier at the post office, who wasn’t working today gave lane another bag of corn which his wife had already shucked and silked and was ready to cook.

Boy was that corn good. Lane and I both ate four ears each. What wonderful true friends’ lane says she would have; Ones that would give away such wonderful sweet corn. Thanks guys she says.

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