Sunday, August 16, 2009

The garden is about on its last legs. Most of the tomatoes are long gone but we still have some stragglers. The butternut squash are beautiful and lane says she is gonna have a load of them. The pumpkins are doing well also. The vines of the butternuts have run all the way down to the tomato patch. Lane says she worked the soil this morning to tear it up so she could plant turnips in a few days. Lane says Dudley wants to learn more about gardening so she is gonna teach me. She is showing me the basics right now. I already had some idea and had done some but not enough to be useful.

Lane is gonna have me assist when she harvests potatoes this week. Its gonna be my first lesson at getting my hands dirty and enjoying it are her words.

Yesterday we had friends over for dinner and afterwards we went outside to sit because it was such a nice evening. Not to hot and humid as it has been. As we were sitting outside the nats and mosquitoes started biting so lane suggested making a nat smoke. Needless to say lane says none of the city people or even me knew what she was talking about. And you probably don’t either.

Here’s how it works; get an old metal pot or pan that’s not in use anymore, set it on the ground and go find some dry grass, leaves and small twigs. Put them in the container and light the grass with a match. Let it burn for a minute or two, blow out the fire and then you are left with smoke. And that’s all you need to keep the bugs at bay. Lane guarantees that this works. Lane’s momma did this all the time for the kids when she played outside in the summer. Old remedies work as well or better than these new fangled ones that use only chemicals which are hard on the environment and your lungs. Please try the nat smoke and see for yourself how it works.

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